A learning and development scheme for people who test

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A testing community initiative

A testing community initiative

The Tester Skills Program is an initiative if IT@Cork Skillnet and Softest Ireland aimed at creating a learning and development program for software testers. A consortium of local software businesses, facilitated by Paul Gerrard have developed a skills inventory and syllabuses for Foundation, Advanced and Master schemes.

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A deeper syllabus

A deeper syllabus

The syllabuses cover a broader range of topics than certified courses. They also go into more depth, requiring the trainee to consider the thinking behind test activities. Courses separate the thinking from logistics which vary across all organisations.


Learning and development, not just training

The scheme is specifically designed to enable testers to think for themselves. It does this by encouraging learners to ask questions of their peers, managers and stakeholders. The course materials identify how coaching and mentoring support should be available to impart and embed local practices and knowledge.

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Learning and development, not just training

Watch a Video - Creating the Scheme

How do you build a tester skills programme that matches the requirements of the software industry? Paul will describe how he is helping a consortium of software companies at the moment to build a tester skills programme designed to meet the current and future needs of their testing community.

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